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Help the Foundation achieve its goals

With your contribution, you are directly helping to support our goals and initiatives to keep the legacy of Charles Weidman alive. Click the Make a Donation button below to make a contribution to the Foundation through Paypal. We thank you for your interest in the Foundation and for continuing the knowledge and history of American modern dance!
Did you know that many companies offer Matching Gift Programs that can double or triple the amount of your gift? Please inquire with your employer and submit a matching gift form if you are eligible. Thank you!

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Join the Board of Directors

Interested in getting involved? Do you want to actively help keep alive the legacy of our great American modern dance pioneers? The Charles Weidman Dance Foundation is actively looking to increase their board of directors. Contact the Foundation at to become a member and share your input, advice and passion for the preservation of the Weidman legacy.


Want to help the foundation with educational outreach, marketing, and funding? The Foundation is looking for volunteers in the fields of Development, Media, and Grant Researching/Writing. If you would like to volunteer your services, please contact the Foundation at and help the Foundation carry out it’s goals. We would love to work with you!

Past Donors

The CWDF would like to thank all of their supporters who have donated in the past.

Jane R. Abrahms
Anya Adler-Friess
Adrian J. Allen
Allswell Restaurant
Judith B. Alter
Madge F. Altschuler
Angela Amedore-Caplan
Mary Anthony
Ida Arbeit
Anna Asbel
Athleta Clothing Store
Mirielle Backer
Maxine Bacon
Karen Barracuda
Barry Barychko
Valerie Beaman
Renate Belville
Harriet Berg
David & Goldie Berkley
Sidney Bernstein
Larry Lee Blackman
Lee Bohrer
Gloria A. Bonali
Judith Stuart Borosin
Lynn Matluck Brooks
Virginia Brooks
Al Brooks/Munt-Brooks Studio
Thomas T. Brown
Beaumont F. Bruestle
Rosanna Buonocore
Elizabeth Burtner
Chase Cambron, North Coast Wineries
Edward Fausty
Bonnie Genkins
Dr. Elaine F. Genkins
Eve Gentry
Saida Gerrard
Sherry Parker Geyelin
Sara Lee Gibb
Gina Gibney, Gibney Dance Center
Margaret Gisolo
Claudia S. Gitelman
The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation
Susan Glazer
Frances R. Glicksman
Marianne L. Goldberg
Joan Goldhammer
Marvin Gordon
James A. Gould
Lois Gravier
Miriam Gray
Jay Green
Lois Gruber
Glenn A. Gruen
John Gruen
Ann Hutchinson Guest
Elizabeth Hart Guiher
Bonnie Bird Gundlach
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hall
Nadira Hall
Alice Halpern
Peter Hamilton
Marjorie R. Hanson
Cleo Hark
The Harkness Foundations for Dance
Leah Harpaz
Peter Harris
Louise Allen Haviland
Elizabeth Hayes
Martha Hill
Sarah Hillmon
Wendy Hilton
Ann Hjelle
Marian Horosko
Dawn Lillie Horwitz
Tami Horowitz
Loyce Houlton
Lucas Hoving
Margaret B. Howard
Myra Hushansky-Berk
Ethel Winter Hyman
Charlotte York Irey
Marjorie S. Isaac
Virginia N. Jinks
Lydia Joel
Hazel K. Johnson
Josephine A. Johnson
Betty Jones
David N. Jones
Genevieve Jones
Tanisha Jones, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts
The Jose Limon Dance Foundation
Elizabeth Kagan
Samuel Kamen & Edith Segal
Albert Kaplan
Vivian Karp
Ann W. Kealiinohomoku
Carolyn R. Keleman
Rebecca Kelly
Diane Kessler (Mehlin)
Eleanor King
Susan Kirschner
Louise Kloepper
Nancy E. Klotz
G. Helen Koenig
Diane Kosinski
Sherry & Robert Kosinski
Ivan & Annette Krakowsky
Robert Magill
Mark Morris Dance Group
Kim Menaster
Meredith Monk
Douglas Nielsen
Om Factory
Ginger Perowsky
Phoebe Rose Sandford
Anna Sokolow
Estelle Sommers
Cleo Atheneos Stark
Ernestine Stodelle
Vic Stornant
Rose L. Strasser
Julie Sutton
Clay Talliaferro
Alice Teirstein
Liz Thompson
Pauline Tish
Anne Tolbert
Linda J. & Steven F. Tomko
Janet Towner
Alta Lu Townes
Margery J. Turner
Mike Udvardy
Juan Valensuela
Valley School of Dance
The Vanoff Family Foundation
Bessie Shonberg Varley
Cathy Velenchik
Lucy Venable
Carol Walker
Lula M. Wall
Lea S. Wallace
Charlotte Walsh
Suzanne Walther
Kathleen E. Ward
Nancy L. Warner
Constance Wechsler
Winifred Widener
Theodora Wiesner
Hannah C. Wiley
James H. Willey
George Willis
Charles Wilson
Paul Wilson
Mike & Judith Wodynski
Albert & Roberta Wohlstetter
Joan Wohlstetter & Larry Hall
Mercy Dobell Wolfe
Carl Wolz
David & Marni Wood
Kay B. Woodard
Charles Woodford
Dianne L. Woodruff
Shela Xoregos
Young Dancers In Repertory, Inc.
Hortense Zera

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